My Role

Performed a full cycle of user-centered design with the team and mainly contributed to interaction&industrial design as well as business analysis.
Team members: Yizhou Liu, Yunbo Xie, Xinyue Zhang, Yuteng Lin


2.5 Months, April - June, 2017. Final project for ID311:Product Design III (Business Innovation Design)


Product Design, Business Innovative Design

··· OVERVIEW ···

Keybo is the product that assist the learning process of piano beginners. With a projector clipped on the piano music stand, you could practice the piano with the guidance of light on the keys. Provided with a scientific learning path by Keybo system, you could also use the supporting APP to custom your learning and check your learning situation.

Check the introduction video that everyone in our team played a role in it.

··· RESEARCH ···

Initial goal

At the beginning of the course, we were given the theme 'smart education'. Therefore, we investigated the field of eduction to find the opportunities and determined our inial goal for the product:assist piano education for the beginners.

Problem Frame

Users and consumers
We started our problem framing with a deeper understanding of our target groups. Since over 80% beginners of piano are children, we focused our target as piano students and made personas of users and consumer.

Pain points investigation
The whole walkthrough of the beginner's practice process is analyzed and in it we found the pain points of our target users. Also, we revealed their emotional change as the time of piano-learning goes.

Our interview/obsevation process

Market Analysis:Our opportunities

Existing products and the current playground are analyzed. These, together with the user research, formed the foundation and identification for problems and design opportunities.


With the situation analyzed above, we concluded our specific aims. Also, with the advice and special concern from the interviewees like piano teachers, we list the 'never do' to guide our design.


Solution and sketch for appearance

After a series of brainstorming and discussion, we come up with the solution to the pain points: a projector to throw guiding light on the keys. We also made some sketch to determine the appearance of our projector.

3D Modeling & prototyping

We utilized Rhino and 3D printing to prototype our product.

3D modeling
1:1 prototype, 3D print, plastic&wood

Interactions with the piano

To solve the problems and pain points of piano beginners, we designed the main interaction between users and the piano keys/lights.


Business Model Canvas

After detailed analysis of Keybo's market potential, we completed the business model of Keybo and found its market position and opportunity. We decided to build an ecosystem of piano-learning and make profits mainly by the additional education materials and services.

Value Network

Through value network, we positioned our product in the whole business network and made a more clear overview of Keybo's possible development path.

Design for the supporting APP

We designed the supporting APP to meet the requirement from the business need. Also, the APP could enable parents and users themselves to check and supervise the practicing process.


Design, with business, for business

It’s my first time to make a business analysis for a real design project and it really aroused my interest. Before this design, my design work is usually challenged by teachers about ‘whether people will buy it’ and ‘how you could make profit’. Therefore, the learning of business analysis such as business canvas model and value network could provide me with a more comprehensive grasp about how to consider these questions in the design process. I always have a interest in entrepreneurship and I want to pursue more cultivation to qualify myself in business field.


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