My Role
UX Design Intern

May. '19 - Aug '19

Google Ads Planning

Los Angeles

I spent my past summer at Google as a User Experience Design Intern. It was an insightful and fruitful journey, I completed 2 design projects that will probably influence billions of Google's revenue. All my projects will be launched within this year.

My focus during this 13-week internship was Google Insights Finder, an enterprise product for marketing agencies. It is a complex system that uses Google search and YouTube databases to facilitate the exploration of audience preferences and industry trends.

I cannot showcase my intern projects here cause they're under NDA. But feel free to reach out for more information on what I did at Google and the impact I made.

"Fred is a thoughtful, passionate, and skilled designer that is able to digest complex requirements and create intuitive designs. Fred has the natural ability to work with cross-functional stakeholders, communicate effectively, and deliver polished user experiences. He is a joy to work with and a dedicated worker, any team would be lucky to have him."

—— From Hamza Siddiqui, Interaction Designer @ Google, My Mentor During the Internship