Hi there!

I am Yizhou (Fred). Currently I am a first-year master student of Human-Computer Interaction in Georgia Tech. Before that, I interned in two tech unicorns in China: China Mobile and YITU. During these work experience, I explored how technologies such as AI, NLP and big data could be better applied to different B2B scenarios.

What’s more, four years’ training in industrial design during my undergraduate has formed my user-centered sense and sharpen my design skills.

As a UX designer, I enjoy building empathy, prototyping concepts and iterating for solutions. And I always pursue for designing playful and enjoyable products and experiences. My former projects include topics of UI/UX design, gamification design, information visualization, mixed reality, etc. These design experience cultivated my problem-solving abilities, creativity and design philosophy.

Currently I am looking for an UX design internship in 2019 Summer. Hit me up if you’re interested!

Galaxies ahead, Challenge Accepted.

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